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How it works

We will work with your organisation using a rigorous selection procedure to engage a high calibre student from our centre with the right knowledge and skills for your project. This student, called a doctoral practitioner, will be based on your premises for an initial period of two years.

We provide training

Before joining you, the doctoral practitioner is fast-tracked through an intensive 12 week training course here at the University, to ensure that they are ready to commence work from day one. This is supplemented with a bespoke programme of on-going training, tailored to your needs, the project and the doctoral practitioner. We will work with you to set clearly defined milestones throughout the project and closely monitor progress to ensure that the agreed objectives are reached.

Constant reviewing

Around the end of the first year, a thorough review will take place. Towards the end of the second year, you will consider whether to bring the project to a conclusion, if appropriate, or maintain the momentum by extending the engagement for a further 12 or 18 months, thus allowing the opportunity for the doctoral practitioner, who may well have become an integral part of your company, to be retained.

How it benefits your organisation

If you are interested in partnering with us then take a look at all the benefits you could take advantage of.

How we've worked with industry

We took part in the first Drapers Sustainable Fashion Forum 2019. Our Dr Jaqi Lee spoke about how to move the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future. Hear from some of the most progressive fashion brands and retailers.

The PDS programme has allowed Hampshire Hospitals to use research to help address the challenge of sustainability within a healthcare setting.

As a valued member of the team, our doctoral practitioner has been able to fully embed within the organisation, allowing for a greater understanding of the organisational complexities as well as put forward considered initiatives that align with UK and global sustainable development goals.
Gillian Brown, Sustainability Manager, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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We run a conference each year where our researchers come together to showcase the research they are doing with bite-sized presentations, Q&A sessions and poster displays. Join us at our next event to find out more.

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Hear from our doctoral practitioners

Our students have been on an intensive programme of academic, personal development and transferable skills, training and preparing for their move to industry.

We thank WWF, Wates Group, Heathrow, Aviva and WRAP for their collaboration and look forward to the industry based sustainability research that will have enduring value for these companies.

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