Environment and sustainability

From investigating people’s attitudes towards the environment to understanding how nanotechnology can enhance future solar power solutions, environment and sustainability researchers take a truly collaborative approach to tackling some of the biggest issues facing our world today.

Our courses explore some of society’s biggest environmental and sustainability challenges, and examine the transformative ways in which we can tackle them.


The land sparing potential of vertical farming to support Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) deployment

Funding information:
For UK students: Fee covered (currently £4,407) and stipend at UKRI rates (currently £15,285).For EU/International: Fee covered (currently £4,407) and stipend at UKRI rates (currently £15,285). An EU student starting AFTER 1/10/21 will pay international fees. Students will be responsible for the difference between UK fees and International fees. EU student will need a visa after 1/1/21.

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