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Dr Marta López Cifuentes intrigued audiences with her talk about transforming urban food systems this weekend at th…
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Fascinating short talk about sweetening the path to sustainability by Dr James Suckling at the @UniOfSurrey Showcas…
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Prof. Jhuma Sadhukhan from @UniOfSurrey highlights why biofuels can’t be the complete answer to decarbonisation.

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Review of “The business of less: The role of companies and households on a planet in peril” by Roland Geyer (Routledge: London, 2022)

Roland Geyer’s new book The Business of Less starts with a vivid vignette – taking us back to 1991...


How much does a heat pump actually cost?

Are Ground Source Heat Pumps or Air Source Heat Pumps the future of UK home heating systems? What is...