Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology

We are a multidisciplinary centre bringing together researchers who develop and deploy mathematical and computational methods to advance research and practical applications in the life sciences and medicine.

Our expertise includes mathematical modelling and analysis, simulation techniques, statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning and optimisation. 

Our staff members

Professor Anne Skeldon

Professor of Mathematics

I am a mathematician with a keen interest in applying mathematics in the real world. My background is in dynamical systems and bifurcation theory.Much of my early work was in pattern formation and fluid mechanics, particularly the Faraday wave problem. More recently I have shifted towards biology/sociology. I was a co-investigator on the 6 year complexity science project, Evolut...

Dr Matteo Barberis

Reader in Systems Biology, FHMS Coordinator of Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology (CMCB), School International Lead

Matteo started to work on cell cycle control during his master thesis and early PhD in the laboratory of Lilia Alberghina at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy), where he was interested to investigate biochemical mechanisms through which cellular activators and inhibitors regulate biochemically the onset into DNA replication in budding yeast. He then moved to the Max Planck...

Dr Roman Bauer

Senior Lecturer

Roman received his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Computational Science and Engineering from ETH Zuerich, Switzerland. Afterwards, he did his doctoral studies at the Institute for Neuroinformatics (INI) at ETH Zürich and University of Zürich, working on simulations of cortical development. He then joined Newcastle University in September 2013 as a postdoctora...
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Seminars and events

We run cross-disciplinary online seminars and discussion groups aimed at sharing expertise, learning new techniques for collecting data, understanding data or combining data with models.

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