Mathematical modelling and analysis

Mathematical models can be used to describe core biological mechanisms in order to help develop insight into the way that systems behave and predict behaviour. Ultimately, this may inform policy decisions, for example, when and who to vaccinate for infectious diseases, drug design or optimal light patterns for healthy circadian rhythmicity.


The kind of models that occur depend strongly on the nature of the research question and the particular system. Members of our centre have expertise in developing models in a variety of forms including ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations and agent-based models. Depending on the application, models may be deterministic or stochastic.

Models are analysed using a broad range of techniques including geometric singular perturbation methods, multiple spatial and/or time scale analysis, asymptotics and nonlinear dynamical systems techniques including bifurcation theory.

Members of our centre are also actively involved in developing novel numerical methods, for example for model data fusion (data assimilation).

Our expertise

  • Cancer
  • Ecology
  • Elasticity theory and mechanics of cell growth
  • Epidemiology
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Open quantum systems
  • Population models
  • Sleep and circadian rhythms
  • Skin adsorption of chemicals
  • Stem cell differentiation modelling
  • Systems pharmacology (PKPD).

Meet the team


Professor Philip Aston

Professor of Mathematics

Claudio Avignone Rossa profile image

Professor Claudio Avignone Rossa

Professor of Systems Microbiology

Matteo Barberis profile image

Dr Matteo Barberis

Reader in Systems Biology, FHMS Coordinator of Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology (CMCB), School International Lead

Roman Bauer profile image

Dr Roman Bauer

Senior Lecturer

Tao Chen profile image

Professor Tao Chen

Professor in Chemical Engineering; Associate Dean (International)

Carina Dunlop profile image

Dr Carina Dunlop

Senior Lecturer

Oleksiy Klymenko profile image

Dr Oleksiy Klymenko

Lecturer in Chemical Process Engineering

Paul Krause profile image

Professor Paul Krause

Emeritus Professor

David J.B. Lloyd profile image

Professor David Lloyd

Professor in Mathematics

Gianni Lo Iacono profile image

Dr Giovanni Lo Iacono

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics/Epidemiology

Sotiris Moschoyiannis profile image

Dr Sotiris Moschoyiannis

Reader in Complex Systems

Joaquin M. Prada profile image

Dr Joaquin Prada

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Andrea Rocco profile image

Dr Andrea Rocco

Associate Professor (Reader) in Physics and Mathematical Biology

Anne Skeldon profile image

Professor Anne Skeldon

Professor of Mathematics

Associate members

Mohammad Asim profile image

Dr Mohammad Asim

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Cancer Biology & Therapeutics

Derk-Jan Dijk profile image

Professor Derk-Jan Dijk

Professor of Sleep and Physiology, Director Surrey Sleep Research Centre

Terri Grassby profile image

Dr Terri Grassby

Lecturer in Food Science

Jonathan Johnston profile image

Professor Jonathan Johnston

Professor of Chronobiology and Integrative Physiology

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