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The University of Surrey has a proud history of collaboration. The connections we make across disciplines and departments, and with other institutions and industry, enable us to achieve research breakthroughs that make a difference to society.

The University of Surrey has an outstanding track record in developing strong collaborative partnerships with industry, government, public sector and other universities, helping local businesses grow and the Surrey region prosper.

Our Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI will bring together different academic disciplines to create new ways of thinking about AI and its application to real-world problems. We do not propose to do this in isolation. We will leverage relationships with government institutions and other universities, and build our partnerships across industry sectors such as healthcare, broadcast media, advanced engineering, law and education, to ensure that our Institute’s research is focused on problems that matter, with clear economic and societal benefit, in the short and long term.

Outreach is a crucial part of our philosophy, from hosting conferences that will build an international reputation for the team’s unique cross-disciplinary approaches, to supporting local seminars that raise public and business awareness of the challenges and opportunities of using AI. The fast-moving world of AI has many stakeholders, from government institutions to major industry AI labs, from citizens’ rights groups to regional development agencies. Our approach is to engage with these organisations to inform our strategy, our research and our teaching priorities, maximising the impact and longevity of the Institute’s work.

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The University of Surrey is continually developing to piece together a visionary future. Our collaborations touch on many different worlds, forming the bigger picture. They start with us, extend to our local community, to our whole world, to space, to other worlds of our imagination, and ultimately to the world of things yet to come. These worlds are ever-changing, seeking broader and better solutions to all kinds of problems.

If you’d like to discuss possible opportunities for research with us, we would love to hear from you so send us an email at

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