Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)

Creating machines that can see and hear to understand the world around them.

Our Centre is an internationally recognised leader in audio-visual machine perception research. With a diverse community of more than 150 researchers, we are one of the largest audio and vision research groups in the UK.

Research in the Centre has led to award-winning spin-out companies in the biometric, communication, medical and creative industries.

CVSSP research highlights

Learn more about our research from the CVSSP digital book. 

Can machines think?

Over the past thirty years, we have become an international centre of excellence for training and research in audio and visual machine perception in collaboration with industry. Our research has pioneered new technologies for the benefit of society and the economy, with applications spanning healthcare, security, entertainment, robotics, autonomous vehicles, communication and audio-visual data analysis.

Today we again ask the question: Can machines think?

Celebrating thirty years of research

This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and we have been showcasing all the technologies we have pioneered during this time.

What we have to offer

We advance research in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine perception structured in seven labs focused on cross-disciplinary application areas and are always looking for businesses to collaborate with us.

Making major contributions

Our Director, Professor Adrian Hilton, was awarded the Institute of Engineering and Technology Achievement Medal for major and distinguished contribution to computer vision engineering.


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Learning about AI in Finance with @profbbuchanan at the AI@Surrey Summer School. #AISurreySummerSchool https://t.co/DueBs9ajNv
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Alex Levringhaus using thought experiments at AI@Surrey Summer School to discuss the ethics of killer robots… https://t.co/83iuBy1Ahg
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Dr Shirin Enshaeifar and Dr Yongxin Yang are presenting Introduction to Machine Learning at the AI@Surrey Summer Sc… https://t.co/1Vrv8wKYqI