Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)


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Academic staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Miroslaw Bober Professor of Video Processing 01483 684724 m.bober@surrey.ac.uk 29BA00
Richard Bowden

Associate Dean (Doctoral College), Professor of Computer Vision and Machine Learning

01483 689838 22BA00
John Collomosse                                                               Reader in Computer Vision 01483 686035 23BA00
Nikos Dikaios

Lecturer in Image Analysis for Medicine & Healthcare

01483 686047 33BA00
Philip Evans Professor of Medical Radiation Imaging 01483 689801 31BA00
Anil Fernando Reader in Video Communication 01483 684726 05BB01
Lucia Florescu Lecturer in Medical Imaging 01483 686045


Jean-Yves Guillemaut Lecturer in 3D Computer Vision 01483 686042 32BA00
Simon Hadfield

Lecturer in Robot Vision and Autonomous Systems

01483 689856 11BA00
Adrian Hilton Head of CVSSP 01483 683956 24BA00
Philip Jackson Senior Lecturer in Machine Audition 01483 686044 07BB01
Josef Kittler Distinguished Professor 01483 689294 25BA00 
Mark Plumbley Professor of Signal Processing 01483 689843 03BB01
Christopher Russell

Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning

01483 683413 12BA00
Wenwu Wang Reader in Signal Processing 01483 686039 04BB01
Kevin Wells Reader in Medical Imaging 01483 686036 30BA00

Administrative staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Nan Bennett CVSSP Centre Administrator                   01483 682353             n.bennett@surrey.ac.uk 11BB00
Elizabeth (Liz) James                 CVSSP Research Manager 01483 686030 e.james@surrey.ac.uk 24BA00

Emeritus staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
John Illingworth Emeritus Professor   j.illingworth@surrey.ac.uk  

Research staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Majdi Alnowami Research Fellow 01483 689854 13BA00
Mark Barnard Research Fellow 01483 684717 03BB00
Chi Ho Chan Research Fellow 01483 689286 43BA01
Louise Coutts Research Fellow 01483 682260 l.v.coutts@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00
Zhenhua Feng Research Fellow 01483 684344 09BA00
Chathura Galkandage Research Fellow  01483 684708  c.perera@surrey.ac.uk 09BB01 
Andrew Gilbert Research Fellow 01483 686046 05BB00
Qiang Huang Research Fellow  01483 684742 09BB01
Syed Husain Research Fellow  01483 684706 02BB00
Huseyin Evren Imre Research Fellow  01483 683958 05BA00
Shada Kazemi Research Fellow  01483 682818 27BA00
Hansung Kim Research Fellow  01483 683958 05BA00
Paul Koppen Research Fellow  01483 686033 09BA00
Gosala Kulupana Research Fellow 01483 684708 g.kulupana@surrey.ac.uk 09BB01
Christian Kroos Software Developer  01483 684740    09BB01 
Qingju Liu Research Fellow  01483 684717 03BB00
Emad M. Grais Research Fellow     
Charles Malleson Research Fellow  01483 686046 05BB00
Thanuja Mallikarachchi Research Fellow 01483 684708 dm0042@surrey.ac.uk 09BB01
Oscar Mendez Maldonado Research Fellow  01483 682260  o.mendez@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00 
William Morris  Software Developer  01483 686622  w.d.morris@surrey.ac.uk  03BB00 
Armin Mustafa Research Fellow  01483 686046 05BB00
Eng-Jon Ong Research Fellow  01483 689842 02BB00
Muhammad Rana Research Fellow 01483 684344 09BA00 
Luca Remaggi Research Fellow  01483 684717 03BB00 
Viet Hung Tran Research Fellow  01483 684708 09BB01 
Marco Volino Research Fellow  01483 686046 05BB00 
Dominic Ward

Software Developer

01483 684731 08BB01
Hagen Wierstorf Research Fellow 01483 684731 h.wierstorf@surrey.ac.uk 08BB01
Yang Yifan Research Fellow 01483 682260 yifan.yang@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00
Yong Xu Research Fellow  01483 684738 09BB01
Fei Yan Research Fellow  01483 684344 09BA00
Cemre Zor Research Fellow 01483 684344 c 09BA00

Research students

Name Role Phone Email Room
Gianmarco Addari Research Student 01483 682260  g.addari@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00 
Rebecca Allday Research Student 01483 682260  r.allday@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00 
Liambee Alumuku Research Student 01483 689854 l.alumuku@surrey.ac.uk 13BA00 
Aaron Axford Research Student 01483 689854 aa02539@surrey.ac.uk 13BA00
Chris Baume Research Student   c.baume@surrey.ac.uk  
Miguel Blanco Galindo Research Student 01483 684717  m.blancogalindo@surrey.ac.uk 03BB00 
Lewis Bridgeman Research Student 01483 686046 l.bridgeman@surrey.ac.uk 05BB00
Tu Bui Research Student 01483 686046 t.bui@surrey.ac.uk 05BB00
Akin Caliskan Research Student 01483 684717 a.caliskan@surrey.ac.uk 03BB00
Buddhiprabha Erabadda Research Student 01483 684708 e.harshani@surrey.ac.uk 09BB01
Sam Fowler Research Student 01483 684717  sam.fowler@surrey.ac.uk 03BB00 
Ben Hammond Research Student 01483 684708 b.hammond@surrey.ac.uk 03BB00
Kary Ho Research Student 01483 682260 k.y.ho@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00
Turab Iqbal Research Student 01483 684742 t.iqbal@surrey.ac.uk 09BB01
Austin Kershaw Research Student 01483 689842 a.kershaw@surrey.ac.uk 02BB00 
Yang Liu Research Student 01483 684708 yangliu@surrey.ac.uk 09BB01 
Sara Mahvash Mohammadi Research Student 01483 682818 s.mahvash@surrey.ac.uk 27BA00
Matthew Marter Research Student   m.marter@surrey.ac.uk  
Cian O'Brien Research Student 01483 684731  cian.obrien@surrey.ac.uk 08BB01 
Margarita Panagiotidou Research Student 01483 682828 m.-.panagiotidou@surrey.ac.uk 27BA00
George Papachristodoulou Research Student 01483 689856 g.papachristodoulou@surrey.ac.uk 13BA00 
Joao Regateiro Research Student 01483 686046 j.regateiro@surrey.ac.uk 05BB00 
Lucas Rencker Research Student 01483 684731  lucas.rencker@surrey.ac.uk 08BB01 
William Scott-Jackson Research Student 01483 682818 w.scott-jackson@surrey.ac.uk 27BA00 
Matthew Shere Research Student 01483 686046  m.shere@surrey.ac.uk 05BB00
Iwona Sobieraj Research Student 01483 684731  i.sobieraj@surrey.ac.uk 08BB01
Jaime Spencer Martin Research Student 01483 682260 js00432@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00
Hanne Stenzel Research Student 01483 682257 h.stenzel@surrey.ac.uk 09BC03
Stephanie Stoll Research Student 01483 682260 s.m.stoll@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00
Matteo Toso Research Student 01483 684344 mt00853@surrey.ac.uk 09BA00
Matthew Trumble Research Student 01483 686046 matthew.trumble@surrey.ac.uk 05BB00
Thomas Walker Research Student 01483 684717  t.d.walker@surrey.ac.uk 03BB00 
Celyn Walters Research Student 01483 682260 c.walters@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00
Helen Wang Research Student 01483 682818 h.y.wang@surrey.ac.uk 27BA00
Alfredo Zermini Research Student 01483 684731  alfredo.zermini@surrey.ac.uk 08BB01 
Yue Zhang Research Student 01483 682260 yz01163@surrey.ac.uk 10BA00

Technical support staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Helen Cooper Project Officer & Facilities Manager 01483 689851 helen.cooper@surrey.ac.uk 34BA00
Philip Foster Broadcast Engineer 01483 688773 p.foster@surrey.ac.uk 34BA00
John Field Technical Support 01483 686067 john.field@surrey.ac.uk 14BA00
Bevis King Senior Software Support Officer 01483 683957 b.king@surrey.ac.uk 14BA00

Visiting researchers

Name Role Phone Email Room
Sheaka Alobaidli Visiting Researcher      
Helen Bear Visiting Researcher      

Visiting staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Janko Calic Visiting Lecturer      
Teo de Campos Visiting Research Fellow   t.decampos@surrey.ac.uk  
Roberto Cesar Visiting Professor      
Oliver Diaz Visiting Research Fellow      
Safak Dogan Visiting Lecturer      
Ellen Donovan Visiting Senior Research Fellow      
Oliver Grau Visiting Professor      
Ahmet Kondoz Visiting Professor       
Emma Lewis Visiting Lecturer  


Krystian Mikolajczyk Visiting Professor      
Gavin Poludniowski Visiting Research Fellow      
Vineet Prakash Visiting Research Fellow      
Nicolas Pugeault Visiting Lecturer       
Shervin Rahimzadeh Arashloo Visiting Research Fellow      
George Szajnowski Visiting Professor       
Theoharis Theoharis Visiting Professor      
Graham Thomas Visiting Professor       
Terry Windeatt Visiting Lecturer  01483 689286


David Windridge Visiting Senior Lecturer      

Associate members

Name Role Phone Email Room
Aomo Iorliam Associate Member   a.iorliam@surrey.ac.uk  
David Plans Associate Member 01483 683524 d.plans@surrey.ac.uk 56 MS 03
Norman Poh Associate Member   n.poh@surrey.ac.uk