Research staff

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Research staff

Sara Atito Ali Ahmed profile image

Dr Sara Ahmed

Surrey Future Fellow

Davide Berghi profile image

Davide Berghi

Research Engineer in audio-visual AI

Gabriel Bibbo profile image

Gabriel Bibbo

Research Fellow in Sound Sensing

Yunus Can Bilge profile image

Dr Yunus Bilge

Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Tu Bui profile image

Dr Tu Bui

Research Fellow

Dr Chi Ho Chan

Research Fellow

Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh (formerly Corrigan-Doyle) profile image

Dr Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh

Research Fellow in Design Research, Surrey AI Fellow, & Faculty Innovation & Partnerships Officer

Thomas Deacon profile image

Dr Thomas Deacon

Research Fellow in Design Research for Sound Sensing

Farshad Einabadi

Research Fellow in Audio-Visual AI

Dr Tarek Elsaleh

Research Software Engineer

Michalis Lazarou profile image

Michalis Lazarou

Research Associate

Dr Daqi Liu

Research Fellow

Charles Malleson profile image

Dr Charles Malleson

Research Fellow in Computer Vision, CVSSP, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Özge Mercanoğlu Sincan profile image

Dr Ozge Mercanoglu Sincan

Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Eng-Jon Ong profile image

Dr Eng-Jon Ong

Research Fellow

Taran Rai profile image

Dr Taran Rai

Data Scientist

Faegheh Sardari profile image

Faegheh Sardari

Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Audio-Visual AI

Arshdeep Singh profile image

Dr Arshdeep Singh

UKAN+ Early Career Acoustic Champion, Research Fellow A in AI4S Project + Sustainability Fellow at the Institute for Sustainability

Seyed Ahmad Soleymani profile image

Dr Seyed Ahmad Soleymani

Research Fellow in Autonomous Sensor Management and Fusion for Sensor Networks

Jaime Spencer Martin profile image

Dr Jaime Spencer Martin

Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Jianyuan Sun profile image

Dr Jianyuan Sun

Research Fellow in Machine Learning for Audio Captioning

Mehran Taghipour-Gorjikolaie profile image

Dr Mehran Taghipour Gorjikolaie

Research Fellow for Computer Vision & AI for Veterinary Science

Celyn Walters profile image

Dr Celyn Walters

Research Fellow