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Tarek Elsaleh

Research Fellow
BEng, MSc
+44 (0)1483 684587
41 BA 01


Areas of specialism

Internet of Things; System integration; Linked Open Data; Web services

University roles and responsibilities

  • Systems Developer
  • Research Fellow

    My qualifications

    BEng Electronic Engineering
    Oxford Brookes University
    MSc Communications, Networks and Software
    University of Surrey

    My publications


    Enshaeifar Shirin, Zoha Ahmed, Skillman Severin, Markides Andreas, Acton Tom, Elsaleh Tarek, Kenny M., Rostill H., Nilforooshan Ramin, Barnaghi Payam (2019)Machine learning methods for detecting urinary tract infection and analysing daily living activities in people with dementia, In: PLOS One14(1)e0209909pp. 1-22 PLOS
    Ahrabian Alireza, Elsaleh Tarek, Fathy Yasmin, Barnaghi Payam (2017)Detecting Changes in the Variance of Multi-Sensory Accelerometer Data Using MCMC, In: Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2017 IEEE
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