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UK’s top game developers come to Guildford for G3 event

The best game developers from across the country will be coming to Surrey for the G3 Galvanising Guildford Games event on Thursday 22 February, from 5.30pm at the University of Surrey.

9 CVSSP PhD Studentships (Fully Funded) - Starting 2018/19

Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), University of Surrey, is developing some of the most exciting and ground-breaking technologies from facial recognition for security and medical imaging understanding for cancer detection, through to 3D Spatial Audio and 3D reconstruction from video to enable visual-effects production in films and VR and right now we are offering outstanding candidates the opportunity to come and join us.

Hereditary facial features could be strongly influenced by a single gene variant, a new study finds

Do you have your grandmother’s eyes? Or your father’s nose? A new study by the Universities of Oxford and Surrey has uncovered variations in singular genes that have a large impact on human facial features, paving the way to understanding what determines the facial characteristics passed on from generation to generation.

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