AI Institute recruitment

Join our truly innovative and cross-disciplinary environment putting people at the heart of AI. You will pioneer the future of trustworthy, responsible and inclusive AI for education, healthcare, wellbeing, social interaction, entertainment, work and sustainability. We are looking for the next generation of inspiring research leaders with a passion for shaping AI to create a brighter future for everyone.

AI Institute recruitment pack

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The pan-University Institute brings together Surrey’s core AI-related expertise in vision, speech and signal processing, computer science, and mathematics, with its domain expertise across engineering and physical sciences, human and animal health, law and regulation, business, finance and the social sciences.

Breaking down the traditional barriers of academic research, the Institute is a home for research leaders with a strong interdisciplinary ethos and a shared vision of shaping AI responsibly for the public good. As an academic within the pan-University Institute, you will become a catalyst for driving this transformation, playing a pivotal role in building the University’s activity in AI, as well as nurturing and inspiring the next generation of AI specialists.

AI research at Surrey

Number one in the UK for computer vision and audio-visual AI research, we have 30 years of leadership in both fundamental AI theory and world-leading applications of people-centred AI, and a strong track record of partnership with industry leading to successful commercialisation of our research.