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Our Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI offers a wide spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate courses including taught modules and project work in AI, data science, machine learning and robotics.

AI training at Surrey

AI-based machines and systems are performing tasks across an ever-increasing variety of fields, often faster and at a fraction of the cost of their human competition. Far from being limited to manual labour, today’s machines are diagnosing disease, keeping us safe both online and in the physical world, practicing law, and even creating art. Intelligent automation is the future – the economics are too compelling for any other outcome – and the role of research is to capitalise on the myriad opportunities AI offers, to predict and solve challenges along the way, and to ensure future AI systems are fair and explainable.

The University of Surrey leads on both the fundamental artificial intelligence theory – pioneering new machine learning algorithms and the understanding of black box AI systems – and the application of AI for the benefit of society through healthcare, security, education and entertainment.

We have a Centre for Doctoral Training in AI and Machine Perception which provides an enhanced PhD research and training programme in collaboration with industry. The Centre supports interdisciplinary AI research from fundamental theory through to practical application led by research groups across our network of staff.

PhD studentships for people-centred AI

Anaerobic Digestion Process Modelling, Optimisation, and Control using Artificial Intelligence

Funding information:

Full tuition fee waiver p.a. (UK students) and stipend at UKRI rates p.a. (£18,622 for 2023-24).

Uncertainty quantification in computer vision and natural language processing for medical imaging

Funding information:

UK/International tuition fee + UKRI stipend at £18,622 p.a. (2023/24 rate) + Research Training Support at £1,000 p.a. + Personal Computer (provided by the Department).

What our students say

Supporting your research

Here at Surrey we have unique facilities to support your research, including: a multiple camera audio-visual recording studio with 16 Ultra HD cameras, video rate capture and processing, a 64 channel sound sphere, and robot vision platforms including a new autonomous car testbed.