We have been developing cutting-edge research in the signal processing and interpretation domain for more than 30 years. Many of these technologies have been developed in collaboration with industrial partners, or brought to market through external consultancy, spin-out companies such as Omniperception Ltd, and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).

Why collaborate with us?

  1. Working with us offers access to an established community of more than 120 researchers in the image, video, audio and signal processing and machine learning. This concentration of academic research expertise is unique in the UK
  2. We have a solid track record of delivery to industry spanning more than 30 years, with experience working with and licensing technologies to companies of all scales from SMEs to large multinational organisations
  3. We offer multiple routes for engagement, ranging from the longer term e.g. funded PhDs, to mid-term e.g. participation on EU or UK grant proposals, to shorter term outsourcing of research and development through KTP or consultancy
  4. We are centrally located in the UK, with Guildford only 40 minutes from Waterloo and less than one hour from Gatwick, Heathrow and the Eurostar
  5. Engaging our PhD students in your research project can provide a high-calibre recruitment channel into your organisation.


Learn more about our research expertise and contact the relevant member of academic staff directly, or approach our Centre Research Manager ( with your requirements.