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Spray printed crystals to move forward organic electronic applications

Has the time come to replace traditionally used silicon with printable organic semiconductor inks? University of Surrey scientists believe so, especially for future electronics that need to be flexible, lightweight, wearable and low-cost.


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News story

Development of a high-performance anion-exchange membrane for use in alkali membrane fuel cells

Dr Julia Ponce-Gonzalez in the Department of Chemistry has published an open access paper in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Energy and Environmental Science (Impact Factor 25.43).

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Former Dean of FEPS welcomes royal guest at IChemE Malaysia Awards

Professor Jonathan Seville, President of IChemE and the former Dean of Surrey’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, gave the opening address at the IChemE Awards dinner in Kuala Lumpur, which was attended by HRH Tuanku Zara Salim.

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BAMC 2017 to be hosted at Surrey

  • Monday 10 Apr. 2017

  • Wednesday 12 Apr. 2017

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  • Wednesday 19 Jul. 2017

  • Friday 21 Jul. 2017

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