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UK-India collaborative workshop addresses emerging socio-economic and environmental challenges in developing countries

The University of Surrey is proud to be working in collaboration with TERI University in New Delhi, India, to identify, understand and develop solutions to the socio-economic and environmental challenges faced by developing countries.

Civil Engineering Students Visit to the Construction Sites in Manor Park and the Guildford Cathedral

Construction site visits help the engineering students to understand the practical aspects of the profession. First year undergraduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering visited the piling and foundation work for the new residences under construction in Manor Park. 

University of Surrey develops an innovative ‘all in one’ user authentication technology

The University of Surrey has developed an innovative ‘all in one’ password system that will allow users to combine pictures, their face, eyes or fingerprints – alongside or instead of word-based systems – on their work or home computers.

New air quality study finds that car drivers cause the most pollution in London – but are least exposed to it themselves

Commuters on trains benefit from closed windows, study also reveals 

New study to improve online safety for public and companies

University of Surrey to lead a £1.1m study into how people’s behaviour can lead to cybersecurity risks, including how people become victims of cybercrimes.

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