Published: 07 August 2018

Five reasons to study computer science at Surrey

Dr Helen Treharne, Head of the Department of Computer Science, reveals what makes our computer science degrees different and the secret behind our graduates’ success.

Computer science students



  1. Professional Training opportunities
    Many students take advantage of Surrey’s renowned Professional Training placement programme which enables them to get a year’s valuable work experience with a company like Sky TV, Sony Europe, IBM or Cisco Systems. On placement, you’ll get the opportunity to find out what it’s really like to work in your chosen field, and develop key skills such as teamworking, project management and communication.

    At Surrey we give you plenty of help securing the right placement and many students go on to receive a graduate job offer from their placement company.

  2. Teaching informed by research
    Surrey’s Department of Computer Science is at the forefront of research in areas such as cyber security – with the GCHQ-recognised Surrey Centre for Cyber Security based here – as well as evolutionary computation, machine learning and computational intelligence. Our research directly informs our teaching, and you’ll learn about it at first hand from the internationally-recognised academics who are leading the way in these fields.
  3. We teach topics at the forefront of emerging technologies
    Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, mobile computing, machine learning, computer security, modern software engineering technologies, distributed systems and blockchain, formal verification…the world of computing and IT is changing at a rapid pace. At Surrey, you’ll learn about the latest developments in the field, preparing you for a role working at the cutting edge of the computing, software, data analytics and machine learning, cyber security, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries.
  4. The chance to get involved in research projects through internships
    At Surrey we encourage you to ‘go the extra mile’ and explore areas you find particularly fascinating, which can help you to define your future career path. Many of our students opt to do a summer internship within the Department which enables them to get involved in a research project. A number of internships are funded by research projects driven by our academics, funded by the industry and from the government, including GCHQ and UKRI. 
  5. Great job opportunities
    Our students gain a combination of technical and professional skills that means they’re in high demand across numerous sectors including technology, business, finance, transport, health and the games industry. Recent graduates are now in roles such as Software Engineer at Xceptor, Forensic Data Analyst at PwC and Technology Associate at Morgan Stanley.

    Throughout your time at Surrey you’ll also have access to a wealth of careers information, advice and guidance through our innovative Surrey Pathfinder programme, which is also available to alumni for three years after leaving the University.


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