Find out more about the funding available to support your enterprise journey.

Santander Propeller Award

The Student Enterprise Propeller Fund is funded by Santander. The fund is ideally suited to early stage ideas and those in our experience group.

We are keen for everyone to apply and submit on what they think their bid needs. Therefore, bid for the appropriate amount which you need. 

As part of the application process you will need to attend our skills sessions. 

This fund is offered in February and we will promote when the fund is open via our social media channels

To find out about funding opportunities contact us at

Cube Fund

The Student Enterprise Cube Fund offers a grant of up to £1,500 per business, with the aim of providing financial assistance to establish the feasibility of, or provide resources to, promote further development and growth of student businesses.

Funding will be allocated strictly only to those applicants who meet the criteria and who are at an appropriate stage in their business to utilise funds to specifically improve a viable business/business idea.

Applicants must be either current students (or special cases, recent graduates of the University of Surrey, up to three years from graduation) and must be known to Student Enterprise and receiving 1:1 support from a Student Enterprise staff member as per of the EXECUTE Programme.

All applicants will be required to complete an application form to explain how this funding will develop their business and then summarise their business development plans in a live pitch. This will comprise of a five minute pitch to judges with questions and answers from the panel. The panel’s decision to fund/not fund is final although feedback will be provided. If unsuccessful, applicants are still eligible to come back and pitch again in the future.

Eligible costs

Only business development costs are eligible i.e. cost for activities and services that build business competency and market validation. Capital expenditure, such as equipment, is not permitted, nor is the purchasing of stock or materials to create stock. 

Eligible costs are defined as:

  • Promotional activities including the development and production of marketing materials, attending events, showcases and trade fairs
  • Intellectual property including patent and trademark applications, and the registering of design rights
  • Mentoring, professional or other development services not already provided by University of Surrey Student Enterprise
  • Software, but only where it can be proven that specialist or business software is required for business operational purposes
  • Specialised website development costs related to market development.