Allocation policy and process

Find out who is eligible for accommodation and when to apply. Our official Residential Accommodation Allocation document is set annually for the following academic year. The accommodation team follows the allocation document to process all applications.

Residential Accommodation Allocation 2021/22 

Residential Accommodation Allocation 2021/22 (PDF)


    Frequently asked questions

    Rooms are not allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Instead after the deadline has past we start processing all applications. 

    Students are only able to apply once per academic year. If you wish to change anything on your application, you need to email us stating clearly your name, University ID, the new order of preferences and any information to be added or amended, so we can update your application.

    We have more than 3,000 ensuite rooms so there is a good chance of getting one. Please note that this is not guaranteed.