School of Biosciences and Medicine

People in the School of Biosciences and Medicine

Collectively, the School of Biosciences and Medicine is home to around 200 staff, including close to 100 lecturers, senior lectures, readers and professors, along with a number of teaching and senior teaching fellows.

We also have a technical team who underpin the research laboratory environment and teaching activity of the School, and a number of administrative staff.

Head of School

Professor David J. Blackbourn Head of the School of Biosciences and Medicine

Academic staff

Dr Kourosh Ahmadi Reader in Nutritional Genomics
Dr Mazhar Ajaz Clinical Senior Lecturer in Oncology & Cell Biology / Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist
Dr Sarah Allison Lecturer in Health and Exercise Sciences
Dr Gerardo Aquino Research Fellow in Mathematical Biology
Professor Simon Archer Head, Department of Biochemical Sciences, Reader in Molecular Biology of Sleep
Dr Mohammad Asim Lecturer in Molecular Cancer Biology
Dr Claudio Avignone Rossa Reader in Systems Microbiology
Dr Ian Bailey Teaching Fellow
Dr Sarah Bailey Teaching Fellow 
Dr Sarah Bath Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition
Dr Dany Beste Lecturer in Microbial Metabolomics
Dr Kikki Bodman-Smith Lecturer in Immunology, Director of Biomedical Science Programmes
Dr Maria Angeles Bonmati-Carrio Research Fellow
Dr Edward Brede Teaching Fellow in Biological Sciences
Dr Jonathan Brown Tutor in Food Safety
Dr Rachel Butler Research Fellow in Bioimaging and Flow Cytometry (Facility Manager) 
Dr Patrizia Camelliti Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology
Dr Adam Collins Senior Tutor in Nutrition
Dr Alison Cottell Tutor in Microbiology
Dr Nikoleta Daskoulidou Postdoctora Research Fellow 
Dr Tony Dhillon Senior Lecturer in Oncology
Professor Simon de Lusignan Professor of Primary Care & Clinical Informatics / Chair in Health Care Management / Head of the Section of Clinical Medicine and Ageing
Professor Derk-Jan Dijk Associate Dean Research and Enterprise, Professor of Sleep and Physiology, Director Surrey Sleep Research Centre
Professor Deborah Dunn-Walters Professor of Immunology
Professor Gill Elliott Head of Department of Microbial & Cellular Sciences, Professor of Virology
Dr Ruan Elliott Senior Lecturer in Nutrition
Professor Vince Emery Senior Vice-President (Global Strategy and Engagement) and Professor of Translational Virology
Dr Barbara Engel Tutor
Dr Jim Huggett Teaching Fellow in Sports and Excerices Science
Dr Andrew Hulton Teaching Fellow
Professor Andre Gerber Professor of RNA Biology
Dr Terri Grassby Lecturer in Food Science
Professor Bruce Griffin Professor of Nutritional Metabolism
Dr Jorge Gutierrez Lecturer in Food Security 
Dr Kathryn Hart Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr Fiona Hatch Research Fellow
Professor Kamilla Hawthorne Associate Dean Medicine/Director of Medical Education
Dr Suzie Hingley-Wilson Lecturer in Bacteriology
Jim Huggett Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Julie Hunt Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences
Dr Rita Jabr Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Electrophysiology
Dr Jose Jimenez Lecturer in Synthetic Biology
Dr Jonathan Johnston Reader in Chronobiology and Integrative Physiology
Mrs Cecile Jones Teaching Fellow
Mr Iftekhar Khan Research Fellow
Sofia Khan Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neurology & Sleep Disorders / Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Dr Egan Kieren Research Fellow
Dr Emma Laing Lecturer in Bioinformatics
Susan Lanham-New Head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences
Professor Alison Lennox Professor of Public Health Nutrition
Dr Nicolas Locker Senior Lecturer in Virology
Dr Nan Ma Reseach Fellow
Dr Carlos Maluquer de Motes Lecturer in Virus/Host Interactions
Dr Ralph Manders Lecturer in Exercise Physiology
Dr Kevin Maringer Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Peter Mayerhofer Lecturer in Molecular Immunology
Professor Johnjoe McFadden Professor of Molecular Genetics
Professor John McVey Professor of Cardiovascular Biology
Dr Lisiane Meira Lecturer in Toxicology 
Dr Agnieszka Michael Senior Lecturer
Dr Benita Middleton Senior Research Fellow
Dr Valerie Odon Research Fellow
Professor Hardev Pandha Professor of Medical Oncology 
Dr Simon Park Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology 
Dr Kate Plant Senior Teaching Fellow in Eukaryotic Genetics and Toxicogenomics
Dr Nick Plant Reader in Systems Biology
Professor Margaret Rayman Professor of Nutritional Medicine 
Dr Kate Relph Postdoctoral Reseach Fellow
Dr Victoria Revell Head of Strategic Development (Surrey Clinical Research Centre)
Dr Natalie Riddell Lecturer in Immunology and Ageing 
Dr Jenny Ritchie Lecturer in Microbial Pathogenesis
Dr Denise Robertson Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Physiology
Dr Tracey Robertson Reseearch Fellow
Dr Andrea Rocco Lecturer in Mathematical Biology
Dr Nayantara Santhi Research Fellow at the Surrey Sleep Research Centre
Dr Julie Seibt Lecturer in Sleep and Plasticity
Dr Rachel Simmonds Lecturer in Immunopathogenesis
Dr Debra Skene Professor of Neuroendocrinology 
Professor Graham Stewart Professor of Molecular Bacteriology
Professor Simon Taylor Professor of Ophthalmology
Dr Alfred Thumser Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Dr Sarah Trinder Teaching Fellow in Pharmacology 
Dr Laura Tripkovic Teaching Fellow in Nutrition & Dietetics
Professor Margot Umpleby Head of Diabetes & Metabolic Medicine 
Daan van der Veen Lecturer in Sleep & Chronobiology
Malcolm von Schantz Reader in Molecular Neurobiology
Dr Abdul Waheed Research Fellow
Miss Louise Walker Tutor in Dietetics
Dr Martin Whyte Clinical Senior Lecturer in Metabolic Medicine
Dr Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer Reader in Sleep & Circadian Rhythms
Dr John Wright Reader (Clinical) in Metabolic Medicine