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  • Sadly, one of the most influential developmental psychologists of recent times Annette Karmiloff-Smith died just before Christmas.

    Born in 1938, Annette obtained her doctorate in Geneva under the supervision of Jean Piaget.

    Her work took her to the Institute of Child Health at UCL, and eventually to Birkbeck where she was a Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development.

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    ..and here for a memoriam page for comments:

    Professor Derek Moore, PhD
    Head of School

  • Dr Naomi Winstone has been awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship Award from the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

    Dr Winstone joins an elite group of academics who have been honoured with this fellowship. Every recipient of the award has a proven track record in individual excellence, raising the profile of excellence and developing excellence in tertiary institutions.

    Dr Winstone said:
    “I am thrilled to have received this award from the Higher Education Academy. The legacy of a student’s educational experience is about so much more than just the quality of teaching, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute to learning and teaching at a University where students’ personal and professional development is so highly valued. We have amazing students at Surrey and I have learnt so much from their involvement as partners in my research projects.”

    Full article:

Research highlights

Eating ‘on the go’ could lead to weight gain, new research finds

Researchers from the University of Surrey have found dieters who eat ‘on the go’ may increase their food intake later in the day which could lead to weight gain and obesity. 

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Labels on the front of food packaging can enable healthier choices, new research finds

A team of researchers led by the University of Surrey, has found that front of package nutrition labels can enable consumers to make healthier food choices.

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University of Surrey academic recognised for excellence in teaching

Dr Naomi Winstone from the University of Surrey has been awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship Award from the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

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Study shows lads’ mags make sexist jokes seem less hostile

A collaborative team of leading social psychologists from the University of Surrey, Clark University, University of Ghent and Middlesex University London have investigated how lads’ mags normalise sexism in three new studies. The results are published today in Psychology of Men and Masculinities.

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Press release

Jet-lag is given the swerve by adjusting meal times on the ground, find researchers

A study published recently in the journal Psychology and Health has found that jetlag in long-haul cabin crew is alleviated when meal times are regulated on their days off.

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