Surrey Technology for Autonomous systems and Robotics (STAR) Lab

Welcome to the STAR Lab homepage.

Our lab has been functional since 2007 and has been the home for over 50 research staff and PhD students since then. We are a team of academic scholars, engineers and roboticists. It is our mission to build on the SSC heritage of 'small-sat' engineering approach and extend this philosophy to advance autonomous systems and robotics for space. We are also active in technology transfer to other non-space domains so that our research output can make most impact on our own planet which we equally care about.

The STAR Lab also leads Surrey's involvement within the UK-RAS Network and have been an active participant and co-organizer to the UK Robotics Week. Please visit the following webpages to get to know us a bit more. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in interacting with us directly.

STAR Lab members + supporters @ Surrey Event on Space Robotics, 2016













STAR Lab members @ SSC, 2013

STAR Lab members @ Micro-Rover Field Trials, West Wittering England, 2013

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