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"The Connected MBA at Surrey has been built on new concepts and innovative ideas that align it with the challenges of modern day society and business."

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The Full-time Surrey MBA programme attracts students from a wide range of business backgrounds and nationalities. It is particularly suitable for anyone wanting to build an international business career or preparing to start their own business.

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Surrey MBA students take on the ‘Barclays Challenge’ at Canary Wharf

As part of the Innovation Management and Design Thinking module, full-time Surrey MBA students completed an intensive consultancy project for Barclays UK, spending time at their HQ in Canary Wharf, London and presenting “some great new insights” and creative solutions to the challenges of Global Structural Reform.

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Executive MBA (part-time)

Surrey's Executive MBA is a transformational experience, both personally and professionally. It has been specifically designed to help you balance a demanding career and personal commitments with a 24-month period of intensive study and professional development.

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Meet Jacklynn Stott, a current full-time MBA student from Canada. A Former Residential Support Case Manager for an NGO.

Find out more about Jacklynn’s MBA experience.

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Explore the range of scholarships available for talented applicants applying to study the Surrey MBA.

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Discover the content of the Surrey MBA – a blend of professional development and academic modules.

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Surrey Business School

Learn more about Surrey Business School, the home of the Surrey MBA.

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Experiences of Leadership in the Third Sector: having a global impact without a global infrastructure

Surrey Business School welcomed MBA alumna Sarah De Carvalho MBE, Exec MBA Class of 2014, CEO of Happy Child International, to our MBA Business Breakfast to share her experiences of how the increasing power of technology and global networking is allowing the not-for-profit sector to break down boundaries and have more impact than ever before.

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Surrey MBA students take on the ‘Barclays Challenge’ at Canary Wharf

As part of the Innovation Management and Design Thinking module, full-time Surrey MBA students completed an intensive consultancy project for Barclays UK, spending time at their HQ in Canary Wharf, London and presenting “some great new insights” and creative solutions to the challenges of Global Structural Reform.

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Surrey Business School welcomes Rafael Orta, VP Global Marketing Operations at eBay to the Surrey MBA Business Breakfast speaker series

Presenting his experience of ‘Leading Companies in the Digital Economy’ and sharing his advice on ‘5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My MBA’, Surrey MBA students, Executive Education participants and Business School staff had the opportunity to discuss the challenges of a fast paces business environment at the third Surrey MBA Business Breakfast event.

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Our Blog

  • As Benjamin Franklin once said ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ This is a concept at the heart of Surrey Business School and as part of our Activities Week undergraduate Business Management students got the chance to put their ‘business ready brains’ to the test to turn something dull into something inspiring.

    Over 140 students chose to take part in our enterprise programme that saw them work in groups to turn a boring desk tidy in to a legitimate business concept. Encouraged to think creatively and utilise their knowledge of business models and advertising the brief was simple; ‘how can you make money from a single product?’ In this instance, a boring plywood desk tidy!

    from little desk tidies

    It’s not that desk tidies aren’t without their uses, far from it, as we all know a clear desk equals a clear mind. But, wow, they’re dull! In fact, before the beginning of this project, you might have forgiven us for laughing at the idea that a desk tidy could ever been transformed into a serious business. But when that EUREKA moment happens, there’s no turning back. Who would have thought that in just three short days a simple desk tidy could be revolutionised by one group into Tidy Table – an online platform aimed at helping young, aspirational businessmen and women find their niche in the job market.

    Once the idea, target market and marketing strategy had been decided upon, an advertising video was next on the agenda. With little experience in video creation and armed only with a smartphone camera, the task of bringing the project to life looked an uphill struggle. But, after a few hours of painstaking work and a dash of Hollywood acting, an informative and fun video was completed. Take a look at what group Table Tidy achieved:

    What had started as a boring and unfashionable desk tidy, had now become a very real business plan. What team Tidy Table realised was that a desk tidy will always be a desk tidy no matter what you do to it and you can’t build a sustainable business around this alone. Instead they thought about what else you can use it for and it ended up as a symbol of something dull when people who have them are actually quite exciting: the art of using one product as a vehicle for another. This is common place in business and a concept which Activities Week allowed us to immerse ourselves in.

  • There is a perception that university can only prepare you with the theory behind the job you do. Employers are increasingly finding that graduates are lacking the skills they require to maintain a role within their organisations. So, what are we going to do about it? What opportunities are there to apply theory to practice and put ourselves to the test?

    Alliance for YOUth: Toolkit Launch

    The Alliance for YOUth aims to bridge the gap between the skills graduates are traditionally equipped with when leaving university and what organisations actually expect from their employees. Over 200 companies have joined Nestle, along with many schools and universities, including the University of Surrey, to provide an ‘employability toolkit’ to thousands of young people, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed.

    Friday 6 November 2015 saw the launch of this toolkit, sponsored and hosted right here at Surrey Business School. It invited representatives from the organisations involved in the alliance, young people from these companies, as well as students from the university itself. Those who attended were treated to an overview of the toolkit, which covers areas such as how to find a job, managing your digital footprint and the CV and interview process. Later in the day saw interactive discussions with the alliance organisations which included what they expect from graduates and potential employees and their tips for gaining employment.

    Business Ready Brain 2

    From left to right: Professor Andy Adcroft, Acting Head of Surrey Business School with our Surrey Business School Undergraduate presenters: Nikita Agarwal, Katie Aldridge and Sifat Hasan

    My experience…

    Having had the opportunity to ‘pilot’ the toolkit as part of my Business Management BSc programme at Surrey, I was lucky enough to be one of the students invited to present at the launch and talk to the audience about my experience. This was incredibly scary (especially knowing who was in the audience) but was also hugely rewarding. The day provided me with so many networking opportunities in which I could gain some valuable contacts in some of the biggest organisations in Europe, whilst finding out what activities they are involved in and what opportunities there are for undergraduates like me, both during placement year and beyond university. I think how I presented myself on the day, both during my presentation and during these networking opportunities, is testament to what I have learnt during the past year and a half at Surrey Business School, as well as to the toolkit, which provided me with further skills in interacting in a professional manner.

    Is Surrey Business School providing me with the theoretical knowledge to understand business? Yes. Is it also providing me with the skills and ability to successfully apply and adapt this knowledge to real world situations? Absolutely! I honestly feel as though Surrey Business School is giving me the best possible chance of landing a great job- both for my placement year and as a graduate. Surrey’s involvement with great initiatives such as Alliance for YOUth are an invaluable part of this process.

    Building a ‘business ready brain’ is not easy but it is a key part of the culture here at Surrey – making the most of the opportunities around me and stepping out of my comfort zone can only be a good thing!

    Business Ready Brain 1

    Photo credits: Oleg Tolstoy of Oleg Tolstoy Photography

    A guest blog by Katie Aldridge, BSc Business Management, Surrey Business School.

    To find out more about Surrey Business School and the extra-curricular opportunities available to our students visit our website or contact us at

  • Crowdfunding is a skill which entrepreneurs need to develop in the modern business world to promote products, ideas and projects. It goes well beyond raising capital for a new venture and includes pre-commerce, branding, and networking as well. Ultimately, it is about building a community who share similar interests and embarking on a journey together.

    Crowdfunding and the modern entrepreneur

    As part of the University of Surrey Entrepreneurship MSc programme, students prepared and launched donation/reward-based campaigns to raise funds for 3 different projects on the university crowdfunding platform supported by our partner, Crowdfunder. This represents a fantastic effort!

    Although students seek funding, the real goal is to reach out to others who care about these projects to build a community.

    How can you support student enterprise?

    Please see the projects below, talk about them and share them with other people who are interested.

    Save the Monkeys– Supports an animal-welfare awareness programme run by staff member at University of Surrey vet school to help monkeys co-exist with humans in Malaysia

    Making Life Work with Mental Illness— Supports a local social enterprise in Guildford, Oakleaf Enterprise, to run an art therapy programme for local mental illness

    USSU Theatre Society- Animal Farm 2016— Supports a student-run theatre production planned for February 2016 – their last crowdfunded effort was fantastic too.

    To find out more about student enterprise, crowding or our entrepreneurship programmes at Surrey contact us at


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