Published: 13 February 2019

Mentoring Programme Begins

The programme runs from February to May and sees final year students matched with an industry mentor.

Students work to deliver an industry based report outlining recommendations and findings for their mentor, whilst completing an essay to reflect on their professional development journey during their time at university.

Senior Teaching Fellow, Kerstine Lawley commented saying: “Since the programme launched four years ago, we are proud that our mentors re-join the scheme annually and half of those are alumni.”

Hannah Gooding, a student on the programme, commented:

“In this module we are paired with mentors who share similar academic and professional aspects; we then meet to coordinate on an industry based report centered around attending to real life current issues that are happening inside either the mentor’s industry or actual organisation. The programme provides me with the opportunity to expand my current industry network base. In the past, students from this module have had success maintaining professional relations with the mentors that they were paired with and this is something the module leaders are optimistic will happen again this year. The mentoring scheme prepares us with the professional skills we will need after graduation and acts as a bridge connecting the professional and academic world."

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