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Estates and Facilities Management (E&FM) is a large multi-disciplinary department responsible for the long term planning, development and maintenance of the University’s estate. We also provide a variety of facilities related services to all University faculties and departments. E&FM is made up of a number of service focused teams (some 285 staff) which are responsible for providing services that are essential for the smooth running of the university as a whole and is key to supporting the overall student experience and, therefore, student learning and satisfaction. 

We aim to provide a coordinated and customer oriented approach to developing, maintaining and adapting the University’s estate and a wide range of support services to create an environment which supports the University’s academic mission.

Our remit

E&FM provides a broad range of diverse facilities and services that directly and indirectly enhance the student experience. Our aim is to provide an estate and student services that are excellent, value for money, safe and sustainable

  • Development of the University’s Estate Strategy
  • Management of all new building projects
  • Refurbishment, repairs and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and green spaces
  • Facilities Management for a central teaching spaces
  • Space management
  • Management of the University's commercial, agricultural and residential land and property assets
  • Reduction of the University’s environmental impact
  • Maintenance of a safe and secure physical environment for staff, students and visitors 
  • Fleet management and strategic advice
  • Portering, cleaning and housekeeping services
  • Waste management
  • Reception and switchboard management.

Departmental priorities

  • To meet the changing research and teaching patterns of activity that result from changes in the size and shape of the University
  • To improve the utilisation of space through new buildings designed for flexibility and shared use, and the effective sharing of existing teaching and research facilities
  • To improve the condition and functional suitability of the estate by re-purposing existing buildings which are vacated when new ones are built. To reduce running costs and carbon emissions across the estate.

Estate Strategy 2009–19

The primary role of the department is to ensure that the University's estate supports business, academic, teaching and research plans and initiatives, fulfilling the University's vision and strategic plans. Download the Estate Strategy (PDF).

The department must ensure that the estate and all its buildings, grounds and plant are managed safely, efficiently and economically, and maintained to the highest standard. Facilities Management must deliver a quality service appropriate to the needs and requirements of the University's business. The department is also responsible for the planning, development and maintenance of all outdoor sports facilities, amenity landscaping and University woodlands.

The different sections work together to provide a world-class environment for teaching, research and learning. Estates & Facilities Management is within the remit of the Chief Financial Officer and reports its activities to the Estate Committee.

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