Published: 01 October 2013

Introducing the Enterprise Centre

The University of Surrey has welcomed a new addition to its student enterprise offerings with the opening of a facility that supports students in the launch and development of their businesses.

The Enterprise Centre, situated next to the Studio retail space, has been established to provide students with a campus-based business incubator space, offering access to support, office space, tools, advice, funding opportunities, skills development workshops and mentors.

Free to use for current students and alumni, The Enterprise Centre is self-funded through its own enterprising activity. Students are welcomed whether they have an existing business or simply an idea; upon joining the Centre a suitable mentor will be assigned – either from a local business or the University’s alumni network – to assist students at whatever stage they may be.

Daniel Speller, Director of Student Enterprise, commented: "The Enterprise Centre is here to support ideas from any industry and I look forward to helping students and graduates make it happen".

Thanks to the Centre’s position within the University, successful businesses have the potential to progress to the Surrey Technology Centre, the Surrey Space Incubator or their own premises. Funding is available to support this transition.

For more information on The Enterprise Centre, visit the Student Enterprise website.

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