10am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 30 October 2019

Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis

This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of analysing qualitative data using a thematic approach.

from £135.00 to £225.00

University of Surrey
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  • Sarah Earthy is a sociologist with 20 years’ experience of carrying out qualitative research and teaching qualitative research methods. Her main research interests are in the sociology of health and illness, and different forms of social disadvantage.
  • Her recent research has focused on the patient journey through illness/injury and recovery. Her methodological interests include narrative analysis and the secondary analysis of qualitative data.


The training will focus mainly on the analysis of transcriptions of in-depth interviews. However, the approaches discussed can be applied to other types of qualitative data including focus groups. The course is primarily designed for researchers with little or no experience of qualitative analysis. It will also be useful for more experienced researchers who have little formal training; or who wish to reflect on their practice. The course leader is an experienced social researcher who will draw on her own research as well as established practice within the social sciences. She is happy to address specific queries raised by course participants.

The day includes sessions on different approaches to analysing qualitative data, the principles of ‘grounded theory’ and the constant comparison method, the process of coding data and identifying key themes, and the development of more conceptual ideas through analysis. These sessions will be interspersed with practical exercises about different stages of analysis which provide participants with opportunities to analyse ‘real’ data. Other issues such as validity and generalisability in the context of qualitative analysis and the presentation of qualitative research findings will be discussed during the day. 

Please note: this course does not cover the use of computer software programmes to assist qualitative data analysis. See events run by the CAQDAS networking project for training on specific CAQDAS packages.



  • ·         The nature of qualitative data
  • ·         Different approaches to analysing qualitative data
  • ·         Applying the principles of grounded theory
  • ·         Developing codes and moving between levels of coding
  • ·         Working with coded segments of data to develop analysis
  • ·         Practical exercises 
  • ·         Reporting findings from qualitative research


By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand similarities and differences between different approaches to analysing qualitative data
  • Be familiar with the key skills of coding data, moving between levels of code, identifying themes, constant comparison, deviant case analysis and the development of theory
  • Have an awareness of criteria for assessing good practice in qualitative data analysis
  • Have gained practical experience of coding qualitative data, developing analysis and presenting preliminary findings  


Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge)

Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Registration from 9:45am 

Training begins at 10:00am

Training ends at 16:30


Government / Commercial Sector

£ 225 

Staff registered at educational or voluntary organisations 

£ 175

All students

£ 135


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