Our courses combine a friendly, supportive atmosphere with challenging and stimulating programmes of study which build on our expertise, research strengths and areas of specialism.

We also have an outstanding, internationally recognised research reputation and we integrate this vibrant research activity into our teaching, ensuring you will leave your degree with the most up to date knowledge in the field.

Learning and teaching in sociology

As staff in the Department of Sociology, we pride ourselves on a committed and supportive approach to learning and teaching.

We combine a range of established and innovative approaches to teaching - from lectures, seminars and workshops, to research projects, online discussions, presentations and written work - to equip students with the tools they need to become confident, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Enabling the development of skills and knowledge key to professional environments is central to our approach – and on our courses this includes a range of investigative and research skills, forms of written and oral communication, organisational skills and working both as individuals and as part of a team to achieve goals. We want to give our students the very best critical skills needed for the modern workplace and to produce confident graduates who will be leaders in whatever job or further study they undertake.

Studying for one of our degree courses involves more than this, however and we also hope to enable our students to develop and grow in a broader sense throughout and beyond their time with us. Through expanding awareness and engaging curiosities we hope to nurture a lasting inquisitiveness, an instinct to question what is taken-for-granted and develop an open mindedness towards new or different ideas. We want our graduates to go out and change the world and be the very best at whatever they chose to do.