9am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 20 November 2019

Introduction to Focus Group

The course introduces focus group as a method of data collection.  It commences with exploring the reasons behind choosing Focus Group as a method.   It follows on to provide students with information about how to successfully run a Focus Group.

from £135.00 to £225.00

University of Surrey

The course gives some theoretical grounding  in order to define its purpose and place in the wider context of qualitative methodology, it establishes how Focus Groups differentiates from other qualitative techniques and covers its advantages and potential shortcomings.  During the course, students will be given a lot of practical advice about how to run a focus group, with specific examples from various research projects.  They will also have an opportunity to enrich their questioning techniques through interactive tasks and to take part in an exercise of running a focus group.  At the end they will be provided with detailed feedback.

Course Leader

Katarina has been teaching day courses in Social Research on Focus Groups, Qualitative Interviews and Analysing Qualitative Data.  She has experience of qualitative research in areas of migration, ethnicity, gender and higher education.

Course Contents

  • What is Focus Group
  • Why to use Focus Group
  • Preparing to run Focus Group
  • Focus Group schedules
  • Running a Focus Group (exercise)

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand definition of group as a method of data collection
  • To be able to establish when it is appropriate to use Focus Group as a method
  • To be able to prepare a schedule for Focus Group
  • To understand how to run a Focus Group
  • To understand different techniques that enrich effective questioning
  • To have an opportunity to practise running a Focus Group


 Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge)


Varies according to status:

  • £225 - Government/commercial sector
  • £175 - Educational/charitable sector 
  • £135 - Students.


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