Published: 09 March 2015

Dr Jacquetta Lee contributes to the BBC World Service Discovery Programme on the 'Throwaway Society'

BBC World Service Discovery Programme on the ‘Throwaway Society’ was first aired on 26th February and is now available on the BBC site.

The growing mountain of electronic waste, from phones, tablets, computers and televisions is a current cause for concern. These programmes look at who should be responsible for that waste? How can we reduce it?  And how can we produce it without unsustainable depletion of the earths natural resources or pollution. Discovery looks at new ideas and technologies to enable companies to make more stuff at an affordable environmental cost.

Dr Jacquetta Lee, Senior Lecturer, CES, contributes to the second of these programmes, through the work undertaken on the CLEVER (Closed Loop Emotionally Valuable E-waste Recovery) EPSRC funded research project.

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