Published: 07 July 2016

University thanks legacy supporters

Alumni, former and current members of staff and local supporters were welcomed to Surrey for a special lunch to thank them for their support which enhances the student experience and our research in so many important ways.

From its earliest days, gifts left to the University in people’s wills have provided a vital source of funds for the University. Regardless of their size, each and every legacy makes a difference – supporting teaching, helping a specific department or our students directly and developing the University’s campus.

 During the lunch, hosted by Vice-Chancellor Professor Max Lu, guests met students who have benefited from scholarships funded by legacies and heard from Professor David Blackbourn, Head of the School of Biosciences and Medicine, who highlighted how these gifts have benefited his students.

 He said:  “We are very grateful for the funding we receive.  PhD studentships are vitally important for furthering research into some of the most pressing issues of our time.”

Our supporters also learned more about the wonders of the universe with Professor Justin Read, from the Department of Physics. He revealed how new data is enabling us to learn more about dark matter – the ‘glue’ that holds galaxies together and accounts for 23.3 per cent of the cosmos.

 “Calculating the ‘flow’ of dark matter particles – which depends mainly on the local density of dark matter – can now be done using astronomical observations,” he said. “The latest data is enabling us to detect dark matter within a few hundred light years of the Sun, and also to begin to probe the shape of the dark matter that shrouds our galactic disc.”

 Find out more about the importance of leaving legacies and the impact they have through our film.

 For further information on leaving a legacy to the University please contact Kate Redrup at or call 01483 689264.

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