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The University of Surrey attracts leading academics from around the world, who are acknowledged as experts in their fields.

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As well as the small selection of our talented staff below, full profiles for academics can be found on individual school and department pages.

Professor Alan W. Brown

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Surrey Business School

Professor Alan W. Brown is a software engineer and business strategist who studies how agile delivery practices can help organisations create better solutions faster.

He is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Surrey Business School where he leads activities in the area of corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation models.

He has been instrumental in launching the Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE), a research activity focused on exploring the impact of digital technology on business, the economy, and society.

Alan has extensive industry experience in a variety of areas, including leading business development in a Silicon Valley Start-up, a product strategist and Distinguished Engineer at IBM, and a research scientist at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

His latest co-authored book addressing the challenges faced by public sector organisations adapting to the digital economy, Digitizing Government, is published by Palgrave MacMillan.

Universities have a strong focus on academic research, pushing forward our understanding of how the world works. The exciting opportunity at Surrey is how we use that knowledge to deliver significant impact on business and society within the rapid speed of change in the digital era.

Professor Alan W. Brown

Professor Nora Kearney

Professor of Nursing and Cancer Care, Head of the School of Health Sciences

Professor Nora Kearney came to Surrey in January 2014 from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Dundee, where she was Professor of Cancer Care and Dean of Research, and the Cancer Research UK Dundee Cancer Centre where she was Honorary Clinical Professor and led research in cancer care.

Professor Kearney leads and collaborates on a number of multicentre research projects in the areas of patient experience and symptom improvement, and is a pioneer in the innovative use of technology to provide care to people with cancer.

She is leading the EU-funded eSMART trial to remotely monitor patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment via a mobile phone.

Professor Rachel Brooks

Professor of Sociology, Head of the School of Social Sciences

Professor Rachel Brooks joined the Department of Sociology in May 2012 having previously worked for Brunel University, the University of Southampton and the Open University.

She is co-editor of Sociological Research Online and executive editor of the British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Her research interests lie primarily in the sociology of education. Her recent work has focused on the internationalisation of education – exploring the international mobility of students for higher education, and the international activities of UK schools.

She has also conducted research on the changing nature of student leadership and its impact on the student experience. She published a report on this in 2014, which was featured in The Guardian.

Professor Chris Proudman

Head of the School of Veterinary Medicine

Professor Chris Proudman has more than 20 years’ experience as an equine clinician, teacher and researcher.

His research achievements include the development of a diagnostic test for an equine intestinal parasite and studies to elucidate risk factors for different types of intestinal disease.

He has received funding from veterinary charitable trusts and the Egyptian government, and is a member of the Veterinary Advisory Committee of the Horserace Betting Levy Board.

Professor Proudman has overseen the development of the School of Veterinary Medicine which welcomed its first cohort of BVMSci Veterinary Medicine & Science students in autumn 2014.