Corporate strategy: 2017–22

Our strategy is a blueprint for the future that builds on the University’s current strengths and presents a clear vision to make the University of Surrey a truly great global institution.

Surrey Advantage: our corporate strategy 2017-22

World-class, Surrey Advantage

The Surrey Advantage is marked by exceptional graduates who can think critically and differently and make a real impact on society. This is underpinned by:

  • Excellence in academic programmes, teaching practice and facilities
  • Practice-centred Professional Training programmes with enhanced soft skills
  • Extra-curricular activities and campus life that lead to the confidence to adapt to change as well as an outstanding network of friends and alumni.

Our vision

The University of Surrey will be a leading global university. We will be renowned for the outstanding quality and impact of our graduates and research, as well as our collective contributions to society. We will build on our distinctive heritage of practice-based learning and excellent student experience, and embrace our future by focusing on digital transformation.

Our mission

The University of Surrey provides excellent education, and advances and disseminates knowledge.

The University transforms lives and shapes the world for a better future by partnering with students, governments, businesses, alumni and local communities.

The University makes social and economic impacts through research and innovation, and provides solutions to global challenges.

Our strategic goals

We will have achieved our ambitions when we have become:

  • A global leader in higher education and a destination of choice for higher learning in the UK and internationally
  • A leading research institution with talented staff and students committed to research excellence and to benefitting the economy, society and the environment
  • A preferred partner for government, business, industry and other universities in creating technological solutions, digital transformation and policy innovation
  • A financially astute and sustainable institution with diverse funding support, including philanthropy
  • An engaged and connected university which is the intellectual home for alumni, supporters and the local community.

Our strategic priorities

  1. Consolidate our excellent teaching and continue to improve the student experience to respond to students’ growing expectations of enhanced academic quality, support services, facilities, accommodation and pathways to employment.
  2. Enhance our excellent research and increase its impact to respond to an ever more competitive environment by improving the quality of research and by retaining and attracting top talent.
  3. Build a global reputation and diverse resource base through engagement and partnerships to allow us to reach our education and research goals.
  4. Be financially sustainable, attract and retain talented staff, enhance our digital and physical infrastructure, and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness in response to rising expectations and competition.