Education strategy: 2018–22

We provide talented and motivated students from all backgrounds, and of all nationalities, with an outstanding education. We draw on our excellent research and partnerships to equip students with the knowledge, professional skills, and personal qualities to achieve their ambitions.

We will develop highly sought-after graduates

Our graduates will be exceptional and highly sought-after: they will think critically and differently, and make a real impact on society.

Our teaching and learning environment will be student-centred and enriching, with an emphasis on practice-based learning.

Educational vision

We will create the conditions for our students, at every level of study and from all backgrounds, to:​

  • Flourish in, draw inspiration from, and contribute to our culturally diverse and dynamic academic community  
  • Gain the excellent critical, analytic, creative, digital, and practical capabilities which are valued by employers and are the basis for professional achievements which will shape future society  
  • Develop the personal attributes – including knowledge, opinions, independence, networks, and self-confidence – which will in combination equip them for personally fulfilling lives and sustainable careers.

Global and cultural intelligence

Living and studying in our diverse community, our students will develop intercultural awareness and informed views on global social and ethical issues. 

They will learn to engage perceptively and confidently with people from varied backgrounds through:

  • Programme content, and curricular and co-curricular activities which engage them with diverse perspectives and develop intercultural skills​
  • Opportunities and support to spend time working or studying overseas, and to develop connections with peers in other countries.​

Knowledge and skills

Our students will be engaged as ambitious, active and collaborative learners across – and beyond – their programmes, developing:

  • A strong and confident grasp of facts, concepts, and methods in their field ​
  • An evidence and research-based approach to acquiring, questioning, and generating new information
  • Exposure to/experience of, collaborative working, within and across disciplines​
  • Experience of applying their academic knowledge in professional contexts, including research positions​.

Resilience and resourcefulness​

Our students will gain experience and confidence in responding effectively to opportunities, challenges, difficulties, and setbacks.  ​

They will be supported to develop self-reliance, resourcefulness, and leadership skills through:

  • Experiences of being academically stretched, and learning from both success and failure
  • A problem-solving orientation in the context of their studies and co-curricular activities
  • Opportunities to forge collaborative and mutually supportive peer and professional networks
  • Access to advice and resources enabling them to proactively manage their wellbeing and maintain a balanced lifestyle​.

Strategic aims

Our strategy focuses on five related areas to make sure that we are always responding to technological developments, the shifting needs of students and employers, and to new opportunities.

Ambitious programmes

Our programmes, designed to engage students as active learners, will:

  • Be contemporary and stretching, infused by critical analysis of evidence and the development of research skills
  • Be professionally oriented and industry-informed in order to equip students with the knowledge and skills valued by employers
  • Utilise physical and digital resources designed to facilitate and enrich learning, and to develop digital literacy
  • Be assessed in ways which support learning and are clearly and proportionately focused on well-defined outcomes.

An inclusive education

We will:

  • Support students from all backgrounds with high academic potential to join our programmes, sustaining the diversity which enriches our education
  • Create the conditions for all our students to realise their academic potential.

Our curricula will:

  • Be student-centred, co-developed with students, and inclusive
  • Be responsive to diverse learning preferences and approaches.

Teaching excellence

We will:

Be leaders in developing, embedding, and disseminating effective and innovative practices in relation to all aspects of pedagogy (teaching, assessment, use of digital and other technological resources) across our programmes.

Support for wellbeing

We will provide and encourage students to engage with a wide range of experiences and support, equipping them to:

  • Develop the attitudes, skills, resources, and self-reliance to absorb or manage stress
  • Rise to academic and personal challenges, enabling them to remain or get back on track
  • Approach their futures with confidence.

A world view

We will provide our students with opportunities and support, on-campus and through travel, to enhance their future personal and professional lives by:

  • Gaining experience of interacting with people from other cultures and social backgrounds, and understanding diverse perspectives
  • Developing the cultural sensitivity, communication skills, and confidence to establish relationships in situations characterised by cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Developing knowledge, understanding, and opinions on issues of global relevance and concern
  • Developing enduring international social networks and relationships.

Education strategy

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