Human resources strategy: 2017–20

We will create the conditions to attract new talent and will support all of our staff to fulfil their potential.

We will make this a wonderful place to work

Our strategic objectives can only be reached through the capability, commitment and dedication of our people. 

Strategic aims

Our strategy focuses on seven related areas to make sure that we develop our organisation’s ability to attract and retain staff, both academic and professional, with the ambition, skills, capability and potential to fulfil our mission.


High-quality leadership will be an important area of difference for coping with and leading change with the necessary pace, focus and effectiveness. We will ensure that our leaders have the necessary skills for their roles.

Organisational development

We will develop high-quality staff by supporting their development in a fair and transparent way, aligned to the achievement of the University’s objectives. In particular we will:

  • Ensure all areas of the University routinely consider staff development opportunities that take account of individuals’ preferred ways of learning.
  • Look at the way we are organised, structured, and where and how we carry out our work to ensure we are efficient and effective.
  • Ensure that we have a people planning process in place to mitigate any organisational vulnerability in succession management and to ensure we effectively identify talent.


We need to have the right staff to carry out major projects and changes. We will ensure that our workforce plan makes best use of our existing staff. When recruiting, we will only recruit people who show the right values, skills, knowledge, experience and motivation to help the University achieve its ambitions.

Performance and reward

Creating a high-performance, service-orientated culture through effective rewards and performance management is important for achieving the University’s overall ambitions. We will make sure that our incentives and rewards fit with our institutional priorities and are fair, affordable and effective.

Engagement, inclusion and culture

Engaging our staff is critical to our success. We will develop and maintain a culture where equality of opportunity exists for everyone to fulfil their potential. We will champion our values by creating a culture where inappropriate behaviours are challenged and changes are made. We will also make sure that our policies and procedures recognise and embrace the diversity of our communities and demonstrate inclusivity at all levels.

Health, safety and wellbeing

We will provide a culture and environment in which staff can take greater personal responsibility for their own health, safety and wellbeing.

Operating excellence

Our processes, especially around staff, should be effective and efficient. We will develop and maintain excellent HR processes, and will compare our performance in these processes with other leading organisations both within and outside our sector.

Human resources strategy

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