International engagement

We will enable the University to sustain lifelong relationships with our audiences globally, to keep them engaged and informed so that together we can achieve our goals.


We will achieve impact and transform lives through international collaboration.


We will create and enhance global connections for the university in order to promote impactful collaboration in education, research and innovation.


  • Increase the participation of our students in international opportunities and expand the international dimension of the Surrey experience by enabling access for underrepresented groups and broadening international mobility and other international engagement activities for all our students and postgraduate researchers. 

  • Develop new collaborative teaching and learning programmes, which will harness innovative pedagogies and digital technologies. We will ensure that our programme portfolio remains attractive to a diverse international market, enabling growth of our international intake. 

  • Increase the global impact and profile of Surrey’s research and innovation by strengthening existing partnerships and by forming new international collaborations in line with our own strategic priorities and those of funding agencies. 

  • Explore strategic undergraduate and postgraduate transnational education (TNE) opportunities, in alignment with the University’s education and research and innovation strategies and growth aspirations.  

  • Strengthen our international profile and reputation and increase recognition for our achievements by leveraging engagement from our international stakeholders, supporting our education and research goals, including increased international recruitment of staff, students and postgraduate researchers. 

Key activities to deliver

International opportunities, mobility and collaborative learning

We will provide students with unique international experiences and opportunities to develop skills and enhance their global experience and employability prospects. To do this, we will strengthen strategic links with global partners to broaden the range of and the modalities for international mobility programmes available to Surrey students and make Surrey a destination of choice for students from overseas partners.

We will nurture a culture of international collaboration, inspiring students to develop curiosity and facilitate global conversations embedding, through curriculum design, the graduate attributes of global and cultural intelligence.  

We will work with strategic partners to deliver high quality collaborative programmes and learning opportunities using innovative pedagogies and digital technology. This will include dual degree programmes at all levels and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) programmes with partner universities to bring international experiences into our Surrey-based programmes.

International research

We will increase the global impact and profile of Surrey’s research. 

We will enhance our strong record of international research collaborations, building on the successes of existing partnerships and networks, most notably the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN). 

The University has a strong reputation for international collaboration with more than half of its research publications having an international co-author. We will build on this strong performance by further strengthening our engagement with international funding agencies.

We will develop exchanges of postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, and more senior researchers and build partnerships with governments, NGOs, and industrial partners worldwide. We will carefully select our partners ensuring alignment of values and mission.  

We will support our researchers to access more sources and larger amounts of international funding, including Horizon Europe. With the UGPN and other partners, we will also focus on impactful research which addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

Strategic transnational education

We will identify and explore transnational education (TNE) opportunities in strategically important locations, and carefully consider appropriate business models to deliver Surrey programmes at scale and aligned with our education and research and innovation strategies and growth aspirations. This will enhance our potential for growth of international student numbers off-campus, through delivering Surrey programmes in-country. 

International reputation

We will strengthen our international profile and reputation and increase engagement from international stakeholders. Increased inbound and outbound mobility at all levels will increase recognition of the quality of our research and teaching. 

We will continue to enhance our international reputation by actively fostering cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders, partners and networks.

Through engagement and partnership with international stakeholders, we will ensure that our teaching, research and outreach activities deliver greater impact.  

Measures of success

There are many ways in which we will analyse the success of our objectives, but these three top-level measures enable us to see that we are supporting our continuation to grow our international outlook both in terms of education and research.


Publications with international collaborator

X 2

The participation in student mobility /international opportunities


Increase in PhD students on dual programmes