Fluids, Meteorology and Symmetry seminars

These are the research seminars of the Fluids, Meteorology, and Symmetry Group.

Seminar details

Time and day: Our regular seminar slot is 2pm - 3pm on Wednesdays during term.
Venue: 22 AA 04.
Open to: Staff and students.

For further information, please contact the organiser Prof Tom Bridges.

Upcoming seminars

Speaker: Alain J. Brizard, Saint Michael’s College (USA)
Time and date: 3pm - 4pm on Tuesday 14 May  2019
Venue: 30BB03
Title: A survey of applications of ray phase-space eikonal methods in linear wave conversion
Abstract: The problem of linear wave conversion involves the exchange of wave action between two waves of different types (i.e., satisfying different linear dispersion relations) as they interact in a nonuniform medium. Since uncoupled waves travel on a distinct dispersion manifold in ray phase space, whose coordinates (x, k) include the position x of a ray and its canonically-conjugate wavevector k, it is convenient to use eikonal methods to study the intersection (in ray phase space) of two rays of different types and construct a scattering matrix describing the transmission and conversion of wave action between the two waves. In particular, we demonstrate the modular nature of these ray phase-space eikonal methods.

Past seminars

Hydrodynamic pilot-waves: A wave-mediated non-linear non-smooth dynamical system that displays spontaneous pattern formation.
Speaker: Carlos Rios
Venue: 39AA04
Date: Wednesday 27 March 2019
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Abstract: Find out more.

A study of the stochastic resonance as a periodic random dynamical system
Speaker: Anna Maria Cherubini (Universita' del Salento)
Venue: 22 AA 04
Date: Thursday 14 June 2018
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Abstract: Find out more

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