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  • Sunday 28 Jan. 2018

University of Surrey Orchestra Day - Sunday 28th January

The second University of Surrey Orchestra Day

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  • Saturday 03 Feb. 2018

Moog Symposium

The University of Surrey has been home to the Moog Soundlab UK for the past two years. Hosting a series of artist residencies and student workshops, the Soundlab has become a fabulous learning and production resource for Music, Creative Music Technology and Tonmeister students. The Moog Soundlab Symposium will celebrate this collaboration with the following programme: 11.30 - 12.30 Finlay Shakespeare: From Moog to Mutable, featuring demonstrations of the Moog Soundlab UK and other modular technologies. 1400 - Chris Carter: live performance 1500 Keynote Lecture: “The Sound of Moog” by Thom Holmes 1615 - 1700 Moog Roundtable; Bob Moog and the “living machine” 1800 - Moog Recording Library launch event 1900 - Chris Watson, support: Finlay Shakespeare

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  • Wednesday 09 May. 2018

John Ireland Competition Lunchtime Recital

Student pianists perform in this competition recital, rediscovering and exploring the piano music of John Ireland. This competition is made possible thanks to the generous support of Professor Vince Emery.

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