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University of Surrey part of historic team to “see” neutron stars collide

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and VIRGO Collaboration have announced that they have photographic evidence of the aftermath of a collision between two neutron stars, called a kilonova.

Nuclear Physics Group wins £3m STFC grant for fundamental research

Surrey’s Nuclear Physics Group has won a £3m grant from STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) to fund three years of experimental and theoretical research – which will have knock-on benefits in healthcare, the nuclear industry and other sectors.

Sweets, treats and star bursts at the University of Surrey

This Halloween, scientists from the University of Surrey will be encouraging the young and old to not only trick-or-treat, but to stare at the sky in wonder as they explain why Dark Matter matters.

My Surrey experience – Louise Weller, Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics

“As a physics teacher I feel so lucky to be able to talk about physics all day long. The best days are when a student says ‘oh I get it now’, or when they have a huge grin on their face because they’ve done well in a physics examination.”

Physics student named ‘Postgraduate of the Year’ by UK Nuclear Skills

Michael Hodgson, who completed his PhD in detector physics at Surrey and is now a Technical Manager at Centronic Ltd, has won the UK Nuclear Skills ‘Postgraduate of the Year’ award.

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