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PhD student’s research solves 30 year nuclear physics challenge

Researchers in Surrey’s Nuclear Physics Group have studied a critical astrophysical process that happens when stars explode, using a unique facility at partner TRIUMF in Vancouver.

Astrophysics public engagement champion wins SEPnet award

Inspiring the public to get involved in astrophysics has led to a high commendation for Dr Michelle Collins in the SEPnet Public Engagement Awards.

Surrey invites public to explore dark matter

The University’s astrophysicists staged ‘Seeing the Unseen’, a special event to celebrate Dark Matter Day on 31 October.

University of Surrey part of historic team to “see” neutron stars collide

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and VIRGO Collaboration have announced that they have photographic evidence of the aftermath of a collision between two neutron stars, called a kilonova.

Nuclear Physics Group wins £3m STFC grant for fundamental research

Surrey’s Nuclear Physics Group has won a £3m grant from STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council) to fund three years of experimental and theoretical research – which will have knock-on benefits in healthcare, the nuclear industry and other sectors.

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