Astronomy evenings

Are you curious about astronomy and interested in hearing more? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look at the stars, planets or the moon through a telescope? Or have you ever thought I’d love to hear about exciting current astronomy research? Then here’s your chance!

Upcoming events

Astronomy evenings

Come and join the Astrophysics Research Group here at the University, on one of our astronomy evenings.

The evenings will begin with an exciting, cutting edge research lecture, followed by going up to our telescope to view the night sky. If the weather is not good, we will give you a tour of what you can see in the night sky on clearer nights. Members of our Astrophysics Research Group will be on hand during the evening to answer your questions.

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Guildford Astronomical Society 2019-2020 programme

Take a look at the Guildford Astronomical Society programme.

Date Activity
Thursday 2 January Prof. Mike Cruise Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics and Space Research University of Birmingham Gravitational Waves : Now and in the Future
Thursday 6 February Prof. David Rothery Professor of Planetary Geoscience Open University Mercury and its geology
Thursday 2 April Prof. Raman Prinja Professor of Astrophysics University College London Outflows from stars
Thursday 7 May Pete Williamson Astronomer Remote Observatories for public and educational access
Thursday 4 June Dr Kerri Donaldson Hanna Assistant Professor University of Central Florida The Geology of Solar System Objects

Astronomy images

These images of space are taken from our astronomy evenings.