Professor Phil Powrie

Research Interests

Professor Powrie's research focuses on French cinema with a particular emphasis on issues of gender, and more recently, the interface between music and the cinema. He has authored or co-authored ten books, edited or co-edited a further nine, covering both recent French cinema and cinema in the silent period. He has also published over 90 journal articles and book chapters. He established the Association for Studies in French Cinema with Professor Susan Hayward (Exeter) in 2000. He is Chief General Editor of the only journal world-wide devoted entirely to French cinema, Studies in French Cinema. In recognition of his work and services to French cinema, he was decorated in 1999 by the French government and made Chevalier dans l´Ordre des Palmes Académiques.


Chief General Editor of Studies in French Cinema.

Chair and Member of the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies.

Visiting Professor at the Central Academy of Drama (Beijing, 2005-).

On the editorial board of Scope (Nottingham).

Member of the Peer Review Panel for the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies Books (University of London, School of Advanced Study).

Member of the Association française des enseignants et chercheurs en cinéma et audiovisuel.

Member of NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies).

Member of the Association of University Professors and Heads of French.

Youtube presentations

Phil Powrie talks about the value of film.

Phil Powrie talks about the role of intellectual thinking.

International links

Phil Powrie with his postgraduate students at the Beijing Film Academy October (2013)

Phil Powrie holding his Visiting Professor contract with colleagues at the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing (2010)

Phil Powrie teaching at the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing (2010)

Phil Powrie delivering a paper at the Shanghai Theatre Academy (2010)

Phil Powrie with his students at the Shanghai Theatre Academy (2010)

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 2980

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Room: 27 AC 05

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My office hours

Friday 09:00-11:00




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  5. Special issue of Studies in French Cinema, 'Money matters', 15/3 (2015), with Diane Gabrysiak. Contains an editorial with Diane Gabrysak, 'Money: now you see it, now you don’t’, 197-206;  and an article ‘Money talks: the logorrheic masquerade in two films from 1934’, 207-224.
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Click here for a full list of publications.



  1. ‘Algeria and Women in Two 1960s Film Adaptations of the Carmen Narrative’, French Cultural Studies, 22/2 (2011), 127-36.
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  8. Unfamiliar places: “heterospection” and recent French films on children’, Screen, 46/3, sp. no. ‘The child in film and television’ (2005), 341-52

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