FASS is a diverse and exciting Faculty, embracing research across the various disciplines that span the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Academics within FASS study emerging social, cultural, technological, and behavioural ideas and practices relating to all aspects of human life and experience.

Our mission is to contribute to the theoretical advancement of the state of knowledge in the arts, humanities and social sciences, whilst achieving real-world effects through our research by focussing on current global societal challenges and the cultural and socio-economic aspects at the core of large-scale human problems. We engage with a wide range of stakeholders. Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of what we do, and we pride ourselves on conducting collaborative research of the highest quality.

As a faculty, we have drawn together six broad and strategically important research themes, as a way to highlight what we do and where we are making a difference:

  • Living and working in the digital age
  • Society, economy and sustainability
  • Innovative methodologies
  • Crime, security, and justice
  • Inequalities, governance and wellbeing
  • Cultural practices.

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