Additional costs

Certain courses at the University of Surrey may require additional expenditure. 

Course-specific costs

Modest charges are made by some faculties or departments for supplementary materials or services, for example, photocopied handouts. The University endeavours to keep these additional costs as low as possible. Any increase to costs will be in line with inflation, unless there are identifiable above-inflation costs directly associated with the activity. These may, for example, include costs charged by third parties.

If your course has any additional costs you will find a breakdown of these on the programme page. 

Please note: whilst the tuition fee rates are for the academic year, any additional costs listed are for the entire programme. 

Examples of course-specific costs

Below we have provided an example list of additional costs that you may encounter, relating to your programme.

Please note: this list is not exhaustive and your individual expenditure may vary, depending on your choice of degree and modules.

  • General/programme additional costs
  • Books/stationery/administrative
  • Commuting (local travel expenses)
  • Production expenses
  • Safety equipment and/or uniform
  • Trips (including overseas travel and accommodation)
  • UK-based activity

Examples of costs falling within each of these categories include:

Other costs (non-course specific)

As well as programme-specific costs, students should also be aware of general study costs, living costs and any other additional expenses they may incur whilst at university.


See the managing your money section for advice on living costs and budgeting, general money matters advice and information.