The information below is provided as a guide to average living costs (excluding tuition fees) for the different categories of student. The exact amount you need to live on will depend on your individual needs.

Living costs

Item Weekly cost Advice
Rent (university accommodation) £99.50 University accommodation costs vary depending on whether you live in a standard or en-suite room and based on location. Private rented accommodation costs can vary. Find out more.
Utility bills £0-25 University accommodation includes the costs of utility bills (electricity, heating and water). For private accommodation these typically aren't included.
Food £35 Prepare meals at home and minimise eating out to reduce your food costs.
Travel £9

A peak return bus fare to the city centre costs £4.50. Alternatively, students can purchase a bus travelcard for the Guildford area, either for three or 12 months, at a discounted rate. Find out more.

For train travel students can also buy a 16-25 Railcard which allows a third off most rail fares, although there is a minimum spend at peak times. Find out more.

Books and stationery £10 

The library offers a vast collection of books and journals, both physically and online, free of charge. Course costs vary depending on your chosen subject. Find out more.

Clothes £10  Guildford offers several budget clothing shops. Find out more.
Insurance (contents) Prices vary University accommodation provides limited cover for loss or damage to your belongings. Find out more. For private accommodation contents insurance typically isn't included.
TV licence £3 The current cost of an annual cost of a colour TV licence is £147 – If you watch live television in your room or use BBC iplayer you will be required to purchase a TV Licence. Find out more.
Telephone £5 Mobile phone contracts vary – check with your provider to find out if a cheaper tariff is available. Calls between rooms in university accommodation are free.
Laundry £5 This is the minimum cost to top-up a laundry card.
Entertainment Prices vary Entertainment costs vary widely between each student. Our Student Money team can offer support for your budgeting needs.
Weekly total minimum £176.50   
Yearly total minimum £6,883.50  39 weeks - undergraduate
Yearly total minimum £9,178  52 weeks - postgraduate

Other costs to consider


Nursery costs are around £50-75 a day but this figure can vary dependent on your personal circumstances. Registered childminders can often provider more affordable services.

Some students may be eligible for a childcare grant funding by the Government. Find out more.

Council Tax

Full-time students are usually exempt from Council Tax. Find out more.

NHS charges

As a student, you are liable to pay for your medical prescriptions. These are expenses you may be able to claim back from the NHS using HC1 and HC5 forms. Find out more.

Ways to save money

Become money smarter

As a student you are eligible to register, through your Surrey email address, for Blackbullion, a free online resource providing education about budgeting, debt, saving, investing, start-up businesses and how to maximise your money for the future. You will also have access to Blackbullion's budget calculator.

Student discounts

Students can save money by joining UNiDAYS and getting access to the best student discounts online and in-store with all the leading brands and merchants. They provide a variety of discounts from fashion, technology and entertainment, and it’s free to sign up.

International student budgeting