Student banking

Even if you already have a bank account, it’s worth considering whether your existing account meets your needs as a student. Many banks offer a student account to cater to the specific needs of students, which may be worth looking into.

Researching student bank accounts

Before coming to university consider whether you need to change your bank or open a second bank account.

Important things to consider are:

  • Is there an interest-free overdraft facility? If so, how much is it for?
  • Does the interest-free overdraft continue after you graduate?
  • Are there any free gifts for opening an account?
  • What are the terms and conditions of the account?
    • Some accounts require a minimum amount to be paid in each term
  • Does the bank have a branch locally?
    • This may prove useful even if you do most of your banking online
  • What are the credit card offers?
    • Try to limit the use of credit cards and avoid paying hefty interest charges

Independent guidance

Here are some websites that compare the most popular student accounts for you, as well as giving some extra tips and advice: