Student communities support

We have a diverse community at Surrey and understand that everyone has different needs and requirements. 

Tailored support

Find out more about the specialist support we have available for you. If you have any specific queries about our communities, please contact the student success team.

At Surrey we are committed to supporting students from diverse backgrounds. We have an inclusive community, allowing students to connect and make the best of their student experience. 

One-to-one support

You can access one-to-one support with a dedicated student adviser throughout your studies.

If you are a student who is under 25 and have been cared for by any local authority for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14, then you may be eligible for further support. Read our care leavers guide (PDF). We are connected to the National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL) enabling us to learn and share best practices and provide the best possible support.

Please fill out this form if you are a Care Leaver. This will make your care leaver status known to us so that we can provide you with the correct support and information during your time at the University of Surrey.

One-to-one support

You can access one-to-one support your dedicated student advisor Javayria Masood.

Financial support

You will be assessed on entry for the Care Leaver Bursary which may be able to support your studies further.


You will be given priority for on-campus accommodation for your second and third year of studying.

Moving into campus support

We offer a welcome pack which care leavers will receive on moving in day.  As well as this,  an on site point of contact will be available for you on moving in day.

Care leaver covenant

The university of Surrey has signed up to the Care Leaver Covenant.

If you have caring responsibilities, we know that there are many challenges that you have to face and have extra support available to you.

University hardship support

Most UK students can make an application for hardship financial support if you experience financial difficulty due to unexpected bills to pay.

Government financial support

The UK government offers Carer's Allowance which is a benefit paid to you if you spend at least 35 hours a week looking after a disabled person (defined as a person claiming certain elements of Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance or the Personal Independence Payment). In order to be eligible you must be a part-time student and earning no more that £123 per week.

Time out from studies

If your caring responsibilities have ceased and you are waiting to return to study you may be able to apply for universal credit for up to a year until you can recommence study.

We aim to create an environment which welcomes disabled and dyslexic students, enabling you to participate fully in university life. We provide our students and prospective students with a range of support, including advice on the Disabled Students’ Allowance.

Getting around campus

We have partnered with AccessAble to develop access guides to help you get around our sites and buildings more easily.

View our accessibility information to find out more about access around the University.

Admissions advice

Disability advisers are available to provide admissions advice, answering any specific enquiries or concerns from prospective students.

Study support

Our Disability and Neurodiversity team provide a wide variety of study support services tailored to your individual needs.

Please fill out this form if you are an estranged student. This will make your status know to us so that we can provide you with the correct support and information during your time at the University of Surrey. 

If you have lost contact with your family, we can help provide you with personalised support.

One-to-one support

You can access one-to-one support your dedicated student advisor Javayria Masood.

Financial support

Students who are struggling financially may be able to access other forms of funding and financial support


You will be given priority for on-campus accommodation for your second and third year of studying.

Stand alone pledge

We are champions for the Stand Alone Pledge.

Confirmation of estrangement form

If you complete the confirmation of estrangement form (PDF) it may mean that you will be assessed as an independent student rather than on the basis of your household income.

New applicant

If you are a new applicant and have been a part of any pre-entry activity and the circumstances of your estrangement are known to us through this, we can help you to complete the confirmation of estrangement form. If this is not the case we will require you to have worked with service for up to a year before the form can be completed by a member of staff.

Current student                                  

If you are a current student who is re-applying for student finance, we can only complete the confirmation of estrangement form if the circumstances of your estrangement are known to a University service or a staff member.

For further guidance on any questions related to student finance please look at information provided by Stand Alone.

We are committed to ensuring the very best student experience where all our community can flourish in a culture of respect and support, where we celebrate difference and thrive on each other’s success.

LGBT+ Society

The LGBT+ Society focuses on your welfare and provides support, knowledge and friendship to all. The group increases representation to LGBT+ students and work closely with community LGBT+ groups and charities.


The LGBT+ society run a series of events throughout the year to promote to increase awareness LGBT+ identities and issues on campus and in the local community. Each year we also celebrate LGBT History Month to celebrate people and achievements, raise awareness of LGBTQ identities and issues, and broaden public understanding of the complex nature of gender, sexual prejudices, and romantic and sexual orientation.

If you are aged 21 or over and about to start an undergraduate course, you are officially recognised as a mature student. 12% of our undergraduate student population are mature learners [student key facts 2018-19 (PDF)], so whether you are returning to education for career progression, personal development or to pursue an interest, you are welcome here at Surrey.

One-to-one support

You can access one-to-one support with a dedicated student adviser throughout your studies.

Mature learner cafés

You have the opportunity to come along to a mature learners café, to meet other mature students, network and get involved with university life.

If you are are pregnant or have a caring responsibility for very young children (those who are breastfeeding or who are under six months old), we have a range of support services and appropriate study-related adjustments in place to help you succeed in your studies.

Useful links

If you are under the age of 18, you will be treated exactly the same as students who are 18 and over, as a mature, independent individual. As such, we will correspond with you directly, rather than your parents or legal guardians. You have access to the same study, accommodation, health and wellbeing, faith and spirituality, money and careers support offered to students over the age of 18.


If you are under 18 and select shared accommodation, you will live with other students over the age of 18. Other students who share accommodation with you aren't advised of your age and don't have any Disclosure and Barring Service checks made on them before moving in.

Students' Union support

The Students' Union Liberation Committee features representatives from various different community groups, giving you a place to share your views and shape the support you need.

Disability and neurodiversity support

Our specialist disability and neurodiversity support staff are dedicated to ensuring you succeed in your studies and will encourage you to learn independently.

A group of students working in the library

International students

We are proud of our diversity at Surrey with over 140 nationalities represented at the University.