Declaration of interest

Data submitted via this form will be handled in line with the University of Surrey's information management policies.

The University requires information about activities that may represent a conflict of interest, which could make it advantageous for an employee to put any personal considerations above the obligation to the University.

Please refer to the Ethical Conduct Policy for further guidance.

The University does not require information about private activities which:

  • do not affect the impartial discharge of his/her University and Faculty or Administrative/Service Department duties
  • do not involve a potential conflict of interest

If in doubt, you are advised, for your own protection, to disclose.

Once you have completed this form, you will receive it as an email. This form must then be sent to your line manager with the request to then send it with approval or recommendations to

Personal Details
Directors and Partners
Do you occupy a position as a Director or Partner?
Section A

Staff who hold board appointments in University Companies (one in which the University holds 50% or more of the voting shares and therefore has a majority controlling interest) need not declare this interest. Staff who hold any other board appointment must declare that interest.

Does the organisation have dealings with the University?
Equity Interests
Equity Interests in companies that have dealings with the University or its subsidaries
(Equity interests are interests of more than 5% of the issued share capital of any company)
Section B
Other interests
Do you or persons connected with you (spouse or partner, children or close relative) have any other interests that you should report?
e.g. a significant financial interest in or a contract with any company or organisation trading with the University
Section C

Privacy agreement

I have read and understood the University's secretariat and legal privacy notice.

Contact agreement

I am happy for the University to contact me by email with relevant information about this declaration of interest.