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Published: 10 August 2023

AI could shorten the diagnostic journey of millions suffering from endometriosis

The quality of life of millions suffering from endometriosis – a painful disease where sensitive tissue grows outside of the uterus – could be improved by a new artificial intelligence (AI) system with technology developed by the University of Adelaide in South Australia, in partnership with researchers from the University of Surrey.

The IMAGENDO® system uses AI to analyse data from ultrasound and MRI to help significantly reduce the time it takes to diagnose endometriosis – a female reproductive disease which, on average, takes more than six years to correctly diagnose.  

Professor Gustavo Carneiro, Professor of AI and Machine Learning at the University of Surrey and one of the Chief Investigators of IMAGENDO®, said: 

 "While the legitimate concerns about the use of AI have dominated the headlines, here is an example of how this technology can improve the lives of millions of people who suffer from endometriosis and severe pelvic pain.  

“IMAGENDO® is introducing innovative AI capabilities to provide fast, non-invasive endometriosis diagnosis by combining MRI and ultrasound technology.” 

The lengthy process of diagnosing endometriosis can lead to anxiety, depression and fatigue, often requiring patients to consult with multiple health professionals. This extended diagnostic journey may require invasive surgery and currently lacks a reliable non-invasive test, not to mention it presents many patients with significant health and economic risks. 

Development of IMAGENDO® is being led by the Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide, Australia. The project has recently been shortlisted for the prestigious ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology. The Eureka Prizes are awarded by the Australian Museum every year to recognise individuals and organisations who have contributed to science in Australia. 

Gustavo Carneiro is a Professor of AI and Machine Learning at the University of Surrey's Institute for People-Centred AI. Surrey is a research-intensive institution renowned for producing world-leading research, collaborating internationally and delivering innovation in teaching to transform lives and change the world for the better. The University of Surrey's Institute for People-Centred AI combines over 30 years of technical excellence in the field of machine learning with multi-disciplinary research to answer the technical, ethical and governance questions that will enable the future of AI to be truly people-centred. 



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