Published: 14 August 2020

Dr Itziar Castello named in #thinklist30

Congratulations to Dr Itziar Castello who has been recognised and featured in the #thinklist30 list.

Launched back in April 2016 by the University of Bath, the #thinklist was created to recognise influential scholars in the business field. This year they introduced the #thinklist30, which has been designed to highlight the most influential female-only scholars on social media, sharing research, views and comments on issues of responsible business. The #thinklist30 aims to recognise and amplify the voices of women in the field.

"Our selections of the #thinklist30 have been made on a number of criteria, including our evaluation of the quality and quantity of relevant posts and interactions, the level of attention thinklisters have paid to responsible business issues both on social media and beyond, and how much their work and social media activity has inspired our curators." - University of Bath

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